I was born in 1.959 in Calanda (page supported by Manuel Barberán), a town famous for its nosy Holy Week and for being the cradle of Luis Buñuel and the composer Gaspar Sanz.

I moved to Zaragoza to study Industrial Electronic, and I especialised in Automatic (Logic Controller and Robots) and Computer Science, by studys given in Spain and Germany (then I've made up giving courses about these matters).

I started studies about Philosophy that I couldn't finish because I hadn't enough time: so that I continue being a student of Philosophy.

I learnt photography by a self-educated way, studing books such as El Sistema de Zonas, by Manolo Laguillo, and step by step I've been improving my technical knowledge.

I've taken part in several workshops given in Tarazona Foto by Marga Clark, introspección fotográfica, and Javier Vallhonrat, en la fronetra, una reflexión personal sobre el medio fotográfico.

Nowadays, I develop a photographic project which combines the digitalization of photos with the print in non photographic paper, previously emulsionated (cyanotipia, bicromated gum, etc).

To finish this brief introduction, I'll confess that I also make programmes (in C language) to specific industrial applications, but there's someone who thinks that I'm much better at cooking...

As you well has verified, the most highlighted thing is the the mixed between technology, art and philosophy. If I had to put me a label (and I prefer doing it by myself first, just in case!) it would be 'craftsman'.

Internet give us the possibility of being patron, for a little amount of money and with few technical knowledge: don't waste it! We have to avoid it to turn into kind of shop-window to seen and buy something. Besides enterprises, universities and intituitions, it would be desirable to exist open spaces without the 'noise' of the news group.

This page answers this proposal, but to do effective it's necesary for you to be more that a pasive spectator; your activity is needed.

This place pretends to be an Agora; it depends on your attitude, and on your attitude a lot of things depend...

... and that the gods are benevolent for you.

se acabo