Perverse law of the means: more technical resources of a communication means, more banal it's their content.

Nacionalism is mono-tonous.

One can obsess when he feels unlucky and he doesn't want to become bad (like Frankenstein).

Nacionalism prevent from the development of the different.

When sects grow up their convert in religions.

Polemics about the use of condoms in AIDS time shows that bonfires of Inquiry are still burning...

Why native species are suposed to be better? Do they exist?

The most frequent fundamentalisms are the nacionalist and the religious... and the most dangerous ones.

Intolerance is to hypocrites its virtue... How much is its spirit perverted!

The compensation to whom scorn himself is the intolerance.

Who feels fear to loose him life it's unable to live it ((and he will loose it inevitably!).

Intolerance prevents from recovering the self-steem.

In the fight (agon) you can discover the mesure and the limits will grow up.

Culture begam in the face of strange's(xenos) stupor (thaumaste). Inculture puts out again against that fascination.

Who is unable to reflect him on the other, turns into an idiot(idiotes).

Religion, that flagrant try to impose an ethics.

Probably theology was born when someone traslated logos (idea, in that neo platonic context) as verbum word), and that was all: "First of all it was a gramatical cathegory (the verb) and that gramatical cathegory was in God... poor Platon!

Metaphysic is that limit located between where the words loose teir sense and the no-sense.

I prefer bad people (those who harm because they wanna do it) instead of stupid ones(they don't want to do it).

The limit of the reason is nearer then it's thought to be: in the skull bones.

It's better one libertine than a hundred (I can't precise the exact number) stupids.

We shouldn't forget that Gods belong to poetry because they have been usurped by religion

Nature is the ideology which we project; it isn't a reality.

The only significant difference between the visible and the invisible depends on the vision organs.

All the theogonians take advantage of the special effects.

Why do celebrate pomp funeral always late? Why are they neede to the survivors?

Irresponsibles can't be free, neither can puritans.

The truth is always poor. The lying doesn't need to be poor.

Artistic seem to be accessory, however it exists in every culture, so it implies that it isn't accessory.

Philosophy is an adventure: it implies audacity.

Brutality not only reveals lack of reason, it also implies lack of touch.

Tolerance is the private virtue which allows democracy to exist.

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